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Kronos Igabe Futsal Shoe

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The Kronos IGABE Futsal Shoe is an indoor soccer shoe, specially designed and crafted to give you a better touch on the ball. It’s textured stud tips offer you a better ball control with great traction. To prevent ankle injuries, this indoor futsal shoe has a flat sole to provide a more stable and steady base support. This Kronos IGABE indoor futsal shoe features flat rubber outsole to improve traction while not destroying the turf and thus leading to injuries to players. The Kronos IGABE Futsal Shoe is made from PU which are lightweight and resistance. With its low density and weight, it is amazingly wear resistance and durable for a longer lasting wear. It’s soft rubber outsole, which mainly contributed to the significant side-to-side stability of the foot. This rubber outsole is also an important element for players in controlling the ball in court.

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